Bow ties also suitable for women

Bow ties also suitable for women

The idea that bow ties only go well with men's outfits is a thing of the past. Women's bow ties are now also very trendy.

Bow ties for women; which one do you choose?

Actually, any bow tie is suitable for women, but to know which bow tie you can wear in a fashionable way, please see below.

Linen bow ties for women

Now that spring is on its way, light fabrics are back in fashion. You can reflect this in a subtle way in your outfit with the right bow tie. For example, choose a linen bow tie and pair it with a white blouse and jeans for a trendy look.

Wear a bow tie to a party

Do you have a wedding or another party to attend and would like to try a different look? Why not choose a suit. A well-fitting 2-piece suit with a white blouse will look stylish with a bow tie. Wear a satin silk bow tie in the same colour with a black suit and make it extra feminine by styling this combination with a pair of beautiful high heels. 
Prefer a slightly more playful look? If so, then choose a bow tie as an accessory and wear it loose around the collar of a white blouse.

Wear a bow tie to a party

Combining bow tie and braces for women

For a woman who wants to steal the show with a bow tie, you can also add braces to your outfit. Mix and match and choose accessories in the same colour or in contrast. Everything is possible. Are you curious about the braces trends for women? 

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