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Which bow tie do you choose

Which bow tie do you choose

Bowties come in many different colours and materials, but which type of bow tie suits which occasion? We are happy to advise you.

Find the right bow tie colour

It's probably the first question you ask yourself when you're looking for a new bow tie for a special occasion. Every year there are new colours in fashion and colours also change with the seasons, but we are here to help you. Of course, the colour also must match your outfit or suit.

Combining a bow tie with a suit

If you are wearing a blue or dark blue suit with a white shirt, the choice of colour is endless. A blue suit is quite neutral and therefore a lot of colours match. We advise that you do not choose a bow tie that is darker than your suit. It is more stylish to choose lighter shades. For example, light blue, pastel yellow and old pink match perfectly with a dark blue suit. If you are wearing beige or light earthy toned suits, choose a soft and subtle colour such as beige, light green, cream or gold.

Combine a bow tie with a casual outfit

Do you want to combine a bow tie with a casual outfit? If so, then a striking color fits this combination very well. Combine for example a beige chino and jeans shirt with a burgundy linen bow tie for a trendy look. You should also think about styling this outfit with a pair of trendy braces?

Butterfly bows in different materials

Bow Ties in different materials

You probably have an idea of the right color by now so next you must choose the material. Do you have a business dinner or a fancy wedding? If so, then butterfly bows made of silk or satin silk are a perfect choice. If the occasion is a little more casual, a linen, wool or knitted bow tie is a good option. If you are looking for something cheaper, something you will wear only once or something that is easier to clean, you should choose polyester.

A bow tie or self-tie bow tie

Bow-tied bow ties have been well received by bow tie wearers for years, but if you really want to look like a professional, choose a self-tie bow tie. This requires a good technique so make sure you buy your bowtie well in advance, so that you have time to practice. We have provided some instructions on how to tie a bowtie for you here.

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Danny Arends
Excellent product and rapid delivery. One very happy customer. Thank you team!
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Ordered a tie to wear to a friend\'s funeral. Arrived in 3 working days as stated. Lovely quality tie, thankyou.
Paul Wright

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