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How to tie a bow tie?

Tying a self-tie bow tie requires a bit more attention than a pre-tied bow tie but with the right instructions, it's easy to do.

Vlinderdas strikken overzicht2

Self-tie bow tie tying step by step:

Bow tie step 1 

  1. Start by lifting the collar of your shirt. Then place the bow tie around the neck with the right side hanging slightly lower than the left.
    Bow tie step 2
  2. Slip the long right side over the left side.
    Bow tie step 4
  3. Fold this part of the bow tie through the neckline.
    Bow tie step 04
  4. The short part of the bow tie should be folded in a "butterfly shape".
    Bow tie step 5
  5. Pass the long part in front of the "butterfly shape".
    Bow tie step 6
  6. Make a fold in the long part of the bow tie.
    Bow tie step 7
  7. Push the just-folded part of the bow tie back.
    Bow tie step 8
  8. Pull on the already folded sections of the bow tie to tighten.
    Bow tie step 9
  9. By moving gently, bring the bow tie into the desired shape and punch down the hem of your shirt.

Besides the self-tie, there are also bow ties that are already pre-tie. The pre-tied bow tie is a lot easier to tie. Of the 9 steps for a self-tie bow tie, only 4 remain.

Attaching a bow tie

  1. Slap the collar of your shirt up.
  2. Place the bow tie around your neck and determine the length you want to give the bow tie. Put your finger where the band touches the hook at the back of the bow tie.
  3. You attach the T-hook at the end of the bow such that the length of the collar is suitable.
  4. You wrap the bow tie around your neck and attach the folded end of the bow tie's strap to the back of the bow tie. Next, whip down the collar of your shirt.
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