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When do you wear a bow tie?

Of course, there are gentlemen who wear bow ties daily, and this is an excellent choice! However, bow ties are worn a lot on special occasions. We're happy to help you make the right choice when deciding when to wear a bow tie!

  1. On festive occasions
    Weddings, galas, New Year's Eve and, for instance, a traditional party night on a cruise are examples of occasions for which wearing a bow tie is perfectly suited. However, the right bow tie can be chosen depending on the type of occasion and the time of year. For example, for a wedding in spring, a bow tie with a bright colour or made of linen is an excellent choice while in the case of a gala, a black self-tie bow tie or a velour bow tie is a stylish choice! Of course, it is important to match the choice of bow tie with the rest of the outfit.

  2. At cultural events
    It has grown historically that events such as operas, plays or other cultural performances and bow ties are an excellent combination! This applies to both performers/performers and visitors to cultural events. With a bow tie, you carry that little bit of distinction/originality with you.

  3. If the dress code demands it
    If you are going to an event with a dress code, it is of course important to comply with it. For more information on dress codes and wearing bow ties, look here. When it comes to black tie or white tie events, for example, the options are limited, and it is important to inform yourself well in advance.

  4. Theme parties
    If, at a theme party, you want to recreate the character you are recreating as truthfully as possible, a bow tie can be an essential part of this. Think, for example, of Charlie Chaplin, James Bond, Winston Churchill, or Albert Einstein.

    When wearing a bow tie is inappropriate

    As a basic rule, bow ties are inappropriate on somber occasions. Unless you wear a bow tie by default, wearing it at a funeral would be inappropriate and it is better to opt for a tie. For example, should the deceased have opted for a "celebration of life" at the funeral, it may be appropriate, but our advice is to be cautious in this.
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